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CONTRACT - home/office automation / smart office - Austin, Tx / Remote

Posted 04 October 2017 - 01:54 PM

I work for a small business in Austin, Texas and we are trying to put together what we're calling an RFID system for office automation. I have attached a scope of work PDF and some rough maps of what we're looking for.

Please respond if you have experience related to this type of work. We will need someone who will be available for on and off contract work over the next year or longer to help us with system maintenance and upgrades if we think of new features that we need - that being said, we need the first iteration to be finished quickly so that we can begin testing it with our hardware.

Private messages or responses on the forum are both fine.

I'm getting errors when I try to upload the documents, contact me for them. Scope of Work is pasted below:


This Statement of Work (SOW) is used to only outline the work being requested. If more detail is needed, please respond to this post.


Contractor shall provide the Services and Deliverable(s) as follows:
Program a server application for the RISE RFID system.


• Server application to manage and run the RISE RFID System
• AVR Code (Arduino base processor) to run on the RISE RFID System that can easily be switched between the 5 types of use cases (such as “Door”, “Locker”, “RGB Lights”, “Regular Lights”, “Sit-Stand Desk” and control each of their outputs (such as “Relay”, “Relay/Small OLED”, “RGB Lights”, ”High Amp Relay”, ”Motor controller/Large Touchscreen with GUI”, respectively)


• High flow of communication on programming status, questions, and issues discovered.
• Communicate and Test code with board prototypes.
• Sign a NDA/Non-compete before beginning any work.


• Constant communication to support programmer with all needed information
• Answer any questions in a timely manor.


The program must include:
• Ability to save, add, remove, and manage users of the RFID system, their RFID UID, their ‘avatar’, and
their associated permissions.
• Ability to communicate with devices on network (Via TCP or UDP) to allow for command request, send
commands (such as “Allow Access”, “Deny Access”, “Display Avatar”, “Set Table Height 255mm”, “Set
RGB 255,255,255”, etc)
• Ability to auto discover new devices on the network
• Ability to manage devices, their associated functions, their IP address.
• Ability to create simple If This Then That statements to allow the Admin user to create simple commands
(such as “If door #12 is allowed access, turn RGB #12 to 255,255,255 and set table #12 to 255mm”)
• Ability to be entirely stand alone, including in the case of a power failure.
Documentation Requirements:
• Communication protocol breakdown
• Troubleshooting document
• Server Application Logic Process outline.

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Re: CONTRACT - home/office automation / smart office - Austin, Tx / Remote

Posted 05 October 2017 - 12:19 AM

Hello Romain,

I have sent you an PM.

Please check.

Warm Regards,
Norman F.
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