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Research topic, with specific requirements...

Posted 09 October 2017 - 08:01 AM


I'm currently working on my dissertation in my final year of university. My dissertation consists of a written element, physical element and a literature review.

The literature review part is what I'm seeking advice on.

My dissertation is composed of an application build (native iOS), which I have a real customer for with a genuine problem I'm looking to solve, this is all fine and has been signed off. However, the rules on the literature review are, it must be tied in with your project, and formulate part of your proposed solution to the clients problem.

Originally I had put my lit review topic as 'Object-Oriented Design patterns' which I explained I would examine the different methodologies available, and justify why I had picked a one for my design pattern when producing the application. Anyway, this part got rejected, the reason was 'I will struggle to mark this element of your project as it's subjective'. This has me confused, I now have no idea what I should study as my literature review. I'm looking for ideas from the community.

Any help will be much appreciated :)

P.S - an extract from the university "Research
In explaining the context of the problem, you will clearly have had to make progress on
the research element of your project. In addition to providing key references as
background to the work, you will need to write a research overview, which
demonstrates understanding of the purpose of the research and how it fits with your
proposed development."


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Re: Research topic, with specific requirements...

Posted 09 October 2017 - 10:12 AM

My naive impression is that your original proposal was too broad and not "tied in with your project". (You could write a similar review for any significant project.) If you've decided on a direction (or directions) for your solution then, I presume, you could backtrack and write about how and why you chose a particular direction. The more specific ("tied") to your project the better.

I'm not sure why this would be termed a "literature review", but presumably a significant aspect to it would be detailed references to the material that caused you to choose your direction.
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Re: Research topic, with specific requirements...

Posted 09 October 2017 - 04:27 PM

So, you have a problem to solve and have to write a literature review.

The first thing I would search for: Are there any existing solutions to your problem? If there are solutions then there will probably be various approaches for you to survey. If you are really lucky then there will be a recent review paper. This will give you an overview of the landscape of the problem and give you a bunch of references to check out. Most of the papers will suggest further work and you should be able to find some gaps in the research where you could make a contribution.

Even if there are no solutions to the specific problem, you can try to find out what class of problem your problem belongs to. With this nailed down, you can delve into solutions to similar problems and see what might be adapted to your needs.

You can consider different ways of modelling your problem and how these might inform a solution.

Depending on the problem, you may be able to consider how applicable different classes of solution are. Can you solve it with linear programming, dynamic programming, stimulated annealing, planning, clustering, etc.

The specifics are, of course, dependant on your problem but I hope this gives you food for thought.
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