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Need help with emu 8086 with drawing letter

Posted 06 November 2017 - 12:37 PM

Hello, so I need some help cause I'm quite beginner in this.In college I start learning assembly and I have some easy tasks like my teacher said, but I'm bad at learning fast so I found this forum and maybe someone could help me.I have a task to draw T letter in graphic mode, letter should be 80x80( I don't know if I said this good cause I just translated the tasks name from my language native language ) so far what I have done looking at tutorials:

org  100h
 code:   mov ah, 0
        mov al, 13h 
        int 10h
w equ 10
h equ 15
    mov cx, 200+w  
    mov dx, 20     
    mov al, 44     
u1: mov ah, 0ch    
    int 10h
    dec cx
    cmp cx, 100
    jae u1

    mov cx, 155    
    mov dx, 100+h   
    mov al, 44     
u2: mov ah, 0ch    
    int 10h
    dec dx
    cmp dx, 20
    jae u2 

Can someone help me with that 80x80 thing please..

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