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Binding to line or path?

Posted 29 November 2017 - 06:35 PM

Hello to all. So my problem right now is figuring out how to bind elements together at specific points. For my class, we are making a metro line map creator, where one can make a new metro line, and add stations to that line. My thought process right now is making a line as Line javafx class when the user requests. This line is draggable from 2 textual labels at each end. So when a user clicks on the text, the line will extend in whatever direction the text goes. When someone wants to add a station, a circle will be created, and I delete the original line, and add 2 other lines around that station. I have heard of some friends using path as well. What I am asking, is if someone can reccomend an easier method of doing this besides generating a new line everytime a station is added. Or if path would be more efficient? Thank you for reading all of this!

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