Computer Accessories Mega Thread

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Computer Accessories Mega Thread

Posted 22 January 2018 - 12:42 PM

I have come to realize that we have quite a few different threads floating around that relate to a number of topics ranging from headsets/ headphones and audio gear, to keyboards, to mice, and even graphics cards. But tracking down the relevant thread can sometimes be a pain, so instead of making people use the search, or google, or whatever as threads float to the top and slowly sink back into the depths, I figured I would create a one-stop shop for all the individual threads akin to our project ideas list... just using internal source and possibly adding some external resources if there is something that has a lot of specialized information on it.

This thread (itself) isn't meant to be a discussion location, but instead a resource for others to find the appropriate discussion quickly and (hopefully) efficiently. If you have additional links that you would like added to the list, please PM your local moderator or administrator asking for the update and provide the URL, and what section it belongs to. The easier you can make their jobs the better!

Feel free to suggest new categories as well! Just because this is what the current list contains doesn't mean that it is _all_ the list will ever contain.

Headsets and Headphones
AMPs, DACs, and Soundcards

Computer Peripherals
Mechanical Keyboards
Computer Mice

Computer Internals
Graphics Cards

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