Alienware Launches Curved Monitor

Are we on our way to full 360?

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Alienware Launches Curved Monitor

Posted 15 January 2008 - 12:14 PM

At CES 2008 AlienWare shows off their new curved monitor. No special software needed, plugs into any machine (not just AlienWare), and is the size of 2 * 24 inch displays. Get this, it has a response rate of .2 milliseconds which is on a magnitude of 100 times faster than your average monitors on the market today.

Could this be the start of a race to a 360 degree monitor and along with it the start of 360 gaming and programming software? You can find a small sneak preview of this monitor from CES 2008 in Las Vegas at the following CNET TV link...

CNET TV Link - Look for Alienware curved monitor

If they can eventually get to 360, when your enemy in COD4 sneaks up on you, they will be tapping you on the shoulder. Game on!


Edit: You were right, I had that typo. It is .2 milliseconds. :)

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Replies To: Alienware Launches Curved Monitor

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Re: Alienware Launches Curved Monitor

Posted 15 January 2008 - 01:17 PM

The .02 is really 0.2ms, I guess it's a typo.
My biggest concern is that it is a DLP monitor. So it might be a good show off thing, but at home, face to face you'll see the limitations of this technology, afaik silk screen effect is still not solved, the others can be lessened (look here for a list). I guess they used DLP because it can be curved, and LCD can not.
Anyway 360 gaming software was already done, VR helmets are there, but they just didn't catch up (probably because you have to get off your couch to look behind you - extra kudos to wii for overcoming this).
However if Dellianware could iron it out, it might get interesting (IMAX at home for starters).
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