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Overcoming React Native performance issues

Posted 26 March 2018 - 12:16 AM

Developing hybrid apps using a cross development framework seemed waste-of-time to many developers until React-Native came into existence.

Though it will be too early to call React Native as the key player in Hybrid app development but one thing is for sure, React Native makes the dream come true for javascript developers. Due to the killer features such as virtual-dom and bridge, React Native is now adopted by many app development companies to build hybrid apps.

However, since React Native is the newest entry as a cross-platform development framework, it is not immune to performance issues.

While playing around React Native, many developers run into various performance issues that are often nail-biting at times.

To overcome these issues, we analyze about 20+ apps that were built with React Native and handpicked few performance issues that are as follows:

  • Navigation components often makes the app look sluggish and different from the native app.
  • Memory leak issue while using the ListView component in Android
  • Slow app response from keyword popup in Android
  • Issues with placeholders
  • Map optimization
  • Image caching and optimization
  • Issues while using third-party libraries
  • Heavy CPU usage issue
  • App lags while changing device orientation
  • Frozen UI

We have compiled this list of over 35+ performance optimization issues with the possible solution for all of them. You can read the extensive guide

React Native Performance: Major issues and insights on improving your app’s performance

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