Flash 8 scrollbar component

Flash 8 scrollbar component not loading in i-explore

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Flash 8 scrollbar component

Post icon  Posted 16 January 2008 - 05:18 AM

I do not have any code as such but what I have is a scrollbar component from flash 8 which calls another swf file through the content path in the parameters tab.

The problem is, after uploading everything runs fine in Firefox but in i-explore the scrollbar is not getting loaded at the first visit to the page. It comes on the 2nd visit to the page. The confusing factor is that though the scroll is not visible the content that the scroll calls is displayed. Logically, if the scroll is not loaded the content is also not supposed to be called.

I have tried installing latest ie7 and latest flash player9.

Did anyone face a similar situation earlier. :blink:

Many thanks to anyone who can help or suggest a remedy. :)

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