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ERD - design of database - hospital

Posted 18 May 2018 - 03:20 AM


First off, it is a db of hospital managment system and it is ERD and I would have questions. Picture is below.

Quick description:
First path - Patient - Placement etc - We can find there, how long the patient was/or has been hospitalized and where, which department etc.
Next path - Patient - Bill - etc - We can find out there, how much hospital earned on the given patient according to some health insurance company's tables. (in my country, the hospital earns money when they start treatment/or give a medicine and according to the treatment and company's tables - hospital earns money. So in entity bill is: - date, id of "bill", doctor_id and then we can assign tratments/medicines for the given patient and all treatment and medicine have price set up by comapny's tables and entity price_list ensures that we could check out the history even if the prices would change.

1.) Is the design ok? If not, what should I do differently?
2.) I feel I am not so sure about entity price. Is it good to have it like in the model or should I place it in Medicine/Treatment as attribute?

Thank you very much :)/>/>

Posted Image

PS: Sorry, I there should have been 1 : n relation between placement and room, I must have somehow deleted it...

New version:

Posted Image

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