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Requisition for Thoughts and Opinions

Posted 28 June 2018 - 07:14 AM

Hey guys! So I don't actually have a live version of this I can put out there (still in drafting/testing) and any version of this site I do have out in the open is outdated. If you'd like to compare that outdated version to what I'm showing here, you can check the older version at this link. All I'm really looking for is some other pairs of eyes for thoughts and opinions on my current design ideas.

Firstly, this is the blog's index, which essentially just lists all (paginated) blog posts on the site. They're vertically arranged as full-width blocks, with their cover image, title, author, date of publishing, number of comments and a short description being displayed.
Posted Image

This is how the front page displays the most recent 5 posts, and shows their category, publish date and title, along with the cover image. When hovered over, the title font turns blue.
Posted Image

These are pictures of the front page including the navigation boxes... the first is what it looks like without any background image, and the top most nav is transparent. The website was designed with this style from inception... below that is a version where I applied my favorite background image (I use it as my computer wallpaper and I've used it on other sites I've made) and gave the top most nav a background color and different font color to make sure it was actually readable.
Posted Image
Posted Image

What do you think? What would your ideas be? How would you adjust what's here? How could I make the front page blog posts more readable? How could I make the blog post index more interesting and engaging? Do you think the background image looks good?

Cheers! :D

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