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Magecart payment skimming now hits Newegg

Posted 19 September 2018 - 08:44 AM

Bought anything off Newegg since August 13 of this year? Check your accounts!


Researchers from RiskIQ, together with Volexity, revealed that California-based retailer Newegg is the latest well-known merchant to succumb to the threat actors.

On Wednesday, the security firm said in a blog post that a payment skimming scheme has been in operation since August 13.
The skimmer code was in operation for at least a month and was not removed until September 18th.


More on how:


After a customer selected a product on the platform and put the item in their online shopping cart, the first step of the checkout process began, which was the validation of a physical address. The customer was then sent to a new page to begin the financial aspect of the purchase.

It was on this page that the malicious code set to work, whether or not a customer accessed Newegg through a desktop PC or mobile device.

Interesting - here is the JS code.
Posted Image

This same attack was done with British Airways a month or so back too.

More info: https://www.riskiq.c...agecart-newegg/

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