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Different application user classes, different user managers?

Posted 28 September 2018 - 01:09 PM

I have a website which has a default area for the public to use and register accounts. It also has an admin area which includes a controller for managing the accounts of other admin users, but not public ones. So I have derived two classes from ApplicationUser: PublicUser and AdminUser. I have changed the AccountController which is available to the public area to create PublicUser objects when registering instead of ApplicationUser objects. I have another controller (UsersController) in the admin area to administrate admin accounts.

My question is: Should I create an AdminUserManager class that derives from UserManager<AdminUser> like I already have an ApplicationUserManager which derives from UserManager<ApplicationUser> which I would use in UsersController to control only the admin accounts? And should I configure the app to create one of these per OWIN context, as in this line from Startup.Auth.cs: app.CreatePerOwinContext<ApplicationUserManager>(ApplicationUserManager.Create);? Or would this be an error?

Thank you.

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