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connecting atom/ on linux with GIT and github

Posted 09 December 2018 - 01:37 PM

dear experts - good day dear dreamincode-fans,

today i have a question regarding connecting atom/ on linux with GIT and github,

ive heard that this would be but very simple from the command line and linux…

Set your email: https://help.github....address-in-git/

After uploading keys, test your ssh connection: https://help.github....ssh-connection/

Switch repo to use ssh rather than https: https://help.github....om-https-to-ssh

but if i look at my atom editor i have the options of

connect with GIT
connect with GITHub

well whats the difference here betweeen git and github!?

why cannot add some commits while i see the git with create detached commend - nothing happens here

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