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Graphic object with HTML and SVG or CSS how to?

Posted 05 March 2019 - 03:33 AM


I want create graphic object which will stretch only "selected" image parts. Imagine something like create layout for web page but instead layout for page it will be graphic for button. I am know WPF (Graphic User Interface framework for Windows) and there is very easy create something like that, where only certain part are stretched only horizontaly or verticaly, some none and some in all directions and use it as button graphic. I want create graphic object with that features for web page but I dont know how and if it is possible.

It will be not complex object, imagine rectangle as background with full stretch and with two rectangles around like border, and last as bottom line. I want use this composition of rectangles as image for button. But buttons will have different sizes and I want keep "thicknes" of side rectangles and bottom rectangle. How to do this?

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