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Web Service nulling object

Posted 11 May 2019 - 03:11 PM


I have created a web service and, I have a DTO in a common library (accessed by the application and web service).

When I call my Web Service (LoginResponse login = client.Login(LoginRequest)) - the first level of objects are present but, my user object isn't... in pictures.

The Web Service returning:
Attached Image

Once the web service returns, the response looks like this:
Attached Image

Turned on tracing, looks like the reply is complete.
Attached Image

My user has all the necessary serialization tags so, I'm at a loss as to why the USer object is being dropped.

Any pointers welcome!


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Re: Web Service nulling object

Posted 11 May 2019 - 05:59 PM

I would suggest building both the server and client clean to make sure that the server types and the client proxy types are perfectly in sync.

(It is this complexity that SOAP web services that I feel has pushed people towards using REST web services instead of using SOAP and WCF.)
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