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listview items load from .xml file automatically

Posted 14 May 2019 - 02:30 PM

hello everyone, I'm newbie in programming so please don't judge me.
I need a little help :
how can load automatically a data from a XML file which contains a few columns in my program when is start.
I figured out something but don't want to work ,I put the code below

Private Sub LoadDataFilesFromFILE()


            Dim Applist As String = Application.StartupPath & "\datasfile..xml"
            Dim AppReader As New StreamReader(Applist)

            Do While AppReader.Peek <> -1

                Dim xDoc As XElement = XElement.Load(Applist)

                For Each item As XElement In xDoc...<Item>
                    PopulateListView(item...<Line>.Value, item...<Name>.Value, item...<UName>.Value, item...<PswName>.Value, item...<webName>.Value, item...<linkName>.Value, item...<noteName>.Value)


        Catch ex As Exception
            MsgBox("Error in loading file...sorry...", MsgBoxStyle.Exclamation)

        End Try

End sub


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Re: listview items load from .xml file automatically

Posted 14 May 2019 - 02:35 PM

You would look over the list of events for the form and find which one sounds the best to suit your needs.
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