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an online IDE (integrated development environment) supporting python

Posted 16 May 2019 - 09:07 AM

hello dear experts, hello dear fellow dream in code friends,

first of all. After musing one or two days - which forum and sub forum might be appropiate i finally concluded that the
software-support-forum is it. thie forums will fit most. So dear mod -please do not bear with me. I finally conclududed that i will give this question a try in this forum. Sorry if i may have infringed the forum law..
please set me straight if i did some mistake.

please forgive me.

currently i am looking for a  an online IDE (integrated development environment) that offers some features like repl.it does. 
it should support languages like Python, PHP, JAVA and C++ 
Are there similar options out there - similar to Repl.it !? 

love to hear from you 

see the Repl.it 


Repl.it is a San Francisco based start-up and an online IDE (integrated development environment).[1] It was founded in 2016 by Codeacademy veteran Amjad Masad and Haya Odeh. Its founding members were Faris Masad[2], who can be credited with creating all of the original features[3][4][5], Tim Chen, Mason Clayton, and Rob Blanckaert. The company has received funding from Y Combinator, Andreessen Horowitz, Bloomberg Beta, among others.  Its name comes from "read–eval–print loop." While there's been a lot of variation, the official pronunciation is "rep-lit," as opposed to "repl dot i-t," or other variations. Currently, Repl.it's browser-based IDE supports over 75 programming languages, including game development languages like PyGame, Love 2D and Pyxel, and esoteric languages like LOLCODE, BrainF, and Bloop.[6] The company has over 500,000 weekly active developers.[7] While Repl.it can be accessed for free, it also has a paid version that allows unlimited private repls, up to 200 classroom students, a max file size of 100MB, and 10GB total storage.[8] The platform is best known for its active community, boasting a language learning club, a Discord server, and a forum for asking questions. Amjad has previously stated he loves seeing that his website has been being used to get users to work together, and to code together

see the wikipedia-entry for repl.it


an online IDE (integrated development environment) that offers some support - i need to have one

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Re: an online IDE (integrated development environment) supporting python

Posted 17 May 2019 - 06:27 AM

hello dear all

well to be frank - i hope that this thread will fit well here in this forum. it is a true software-question.

I stick with Repl and i think it would be great if i combine it with the github-Account.
BTW: i did not have any other option - but i will try out the repl system

i use it with a chrome extension

this lets me integrate repl with my github-account. 


cf - the repl - extension for chrome see: https://chrome.googl...hcjpmemaginnipl

the good thing: i can work with python , php , perl and other languages

i will come back and report all the findings. 

meanwhile - have a great day

one last post regarding this option

the good thing is that i can run the code from everywhere in the repl. - see below.

BTW - on a sidenote _ of course i am looking for a leightweight ide

at the moment i am testing

Atom-IDE - runs great with github

and i look for more to test

have a great day.

see below - the option for repl - intergation with Chrome...

btw - many thanks for this great forum. it rocks!!

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Re: an online IDE (integrated development environment) supporting python

Posted 23 May 2019 - 08:30 AM

dear experts, good day dear DreaminCode-Experts

some preliminary thoughts at first: well i have been musing and thinking more than 24 hours - where to put this question. I have been pulling my hair and thinking more than just one day - where can i post this forum posging? After all - i have decided to put the question here in this great subforum - it is a truley software-development-question..at least according my point of view.

at the moment i am looking for an overview on Cloud-IDEs:  What are some best online cloud IDEs?
i only know some .. but i guess that my knoweldge is very limited here - do you know some more.. !? 

CoDiff: CoDiff supports access to teammates local and - besides this  it shows changes, greatly improving communication: And yes: communication is pretty important:  I heard about that it does even more: it notifies you of conflicts with teammates as they occur. Even as an individual, it is able to notify us as soon as the changes conflict with upstream commits. 

Llama: Llama is an online IDE that let's us prototype code. It supports many languages - like Pythonm, JAVA and c++ and prolly perl including html.

Koji: Coding and deploying web apps takes too long. Koji makes it much faster and easier. Start from a template, customize, collaborate, deploy with a click!

it is known as an online IDE wherein one can boot up an environment for a programming stack or language.  It supports and functions as a training machine and support learning models. 

Hmm - i guess that repl.it has got some poor interface - and a steep learning curve...  What do you guess!?

Look forward to hear from you
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