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What are the top best Python IDEs and Code Editiors in 2019

Posted 23 May 2019 - 10:57 AM

hello dear community,

good evening. From time to time i am looking out for a idea exchange regarding the ide & editor - area
the question is: What are the top best Python IDEs and Code Editiors in 2019
or - in other words. Which editor / Ide do you use!?  Which one is easy to work with - and supports you in your day to day work !?

i have heard about the following ones:  ... and i have tested some of them - and use PyCharm and Atom 

see the list..

AWS Cloud9.
Komodo IDE.
Wing Python IDE.
Thonny https://thonny.org/
atom - good github / bitbucket integration 

as said above: i run Pycharm  and also have tested Eric. But i also like Atom - for its marvellous and great github-integration. 

regarding PyCharm: 

well - it comes with an really very intelligent code-editor, It has also a very smart code navigation, that allmost every time supports a blisteringly fast and safe refactoring.
I like the  integrated features like debugging, testing, profiling, deployments,  And besides that it comes weith remote development and tools of the database.

For the Python-development PyCharm also provides the good support to python web-development-frameworks and apps. Also support is guaranteed for Javascript, HTML, CSS, Angular. Last but not least: PyCharm has got a very powerful integration with IPython Notebook. 

The great Pros:
- PyCharm does provide a very smart platform to the developers support-levels at areas of auto code completion, error detection, quick fixing etc.
- PyCharm does provide multiple framework support by increasing a lot of cost-saving factors.
- last but not least the ide Pycharm supports a rich feature like cross-platform development. That said - it is so that the developers can write a script on another platforms as well.
- i also like the feature of the customizable interface which in turn may also support the increases of the productivity.

The question:  What is your favorite IDE or Code Editor? 

Atom i love too - since it supports the github & bitbucket access. It has a bunch of plugin... 

but on my machines it is  a bit slow. 

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Re: What are the top best Python IDEs and Code Editiors in 2019

Posted 23 May 2019 - 12:03 PM

Emacs still wins, hands-down.
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