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PLC Development software

Posted 30 May 2019 - 05:15 AM

Dear all,

I am using PLC for my control automation project. Now I wanted to build my own user interface PLC software .I have planned to use Arduino has development board.

As we know PLC uses ladder logic and block diagram logic for front end software.
my question is
what is background software usually used to write front end application like PLC.

The front end allow to use blocks and ladder items related to math/logical/timer/counter etc.on addition of these block do computation on run mode.Do you have suggestion on above.

i could not able to get details on using IDE . SIMANTIC used by siemens ,RSlogix by allen bradely.
what is back end software used to create these kind of software and help final user to create own programs.

Some people uses https://www.openplcproject.com/
like wise android studio used to develop mobile application, visual studio for form related application.
is there any software used to develop the application for PLC software??

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Re: PLC Development software

Posted 11 June 2019 - 06:23 AM

Whilst I generally do not like to link to StackOverflow, there is a very thorough run down of what you would need to know to move forward here.

The basic run down is that IDEs for PLC are generally determined by the hardware, rather than the programming language or user preference. However, there are some references and links to IDE packages in the given Q&A.


like wise android studio used to develop mobile application, visual studio for form related application.

Just a quick comment on this; I personally develop everything I work on in Visual Studio, unless I do not have a choice. I find Android studio, whilst specialized to the one specific task, to be rather slow and inelegant.
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Re: PLC Development software

Posted 13 June 2019 - 05:35 AM

If you are using an Arduino, it doesn't sound like a real PLC. All of our PLC's are Allen-Bradley and they have their own environments. They are all Distributor specific, as far as what you can and cannot use.
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