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Simplify a 2nd degree equation in Prolog

Posted 06 June 2019 - 05:18 PM

Hi, I have a homework in Prolog to simplify a 2nd degree equation for example: a=1, b=-1, c=0, we should have: x²-x and not: x²-x+0 So I have to write this expert system in Prolog. I already did it but my code doesn't work :no:/> can anyone help ?
Code :
go:-    write('Donnez la valeur de A ?'),
        write('Donnez la valeur de B ?'),
        write('Donnez la valeur de C ?'),
        write('Le trinome s écrit : '),
action(A):- A=0,Sg2=' ',Coef2=' ',Var2=' ',Expo2=' ';
            A=1,Sg2=' ',Coef2=' ',Var2='x',Expo2=2;
            A>1,Sg2=' ',Coef2=A,Var2='x',Expo2=2;
action(B,A):- B=0,Sg1=' ',Coef1=' ',Var1=' ';
              B=1,A=0->Sg1=' ',Coef1=' ',Var1='x';
              B=1,A\=0->Sg1='+',Coef1=' ',Var1='x';
              B>1,A=0->Sg1=' ',Coef1=B,Var1='x';
              B=(-1),Sg1='-',Coef1=' ',Var1='x';
action(C,B,A):- C=0,abs(A)+abs(B)/>/>=0->Sg0='',Coef=0;

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Replies To: Simplify a 2nd degree equation in Prolog

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Re: Simplify a 2nd degree equation in Prolog

Posted 07 June 2019 - 06:29 PM

Are the action rules written correctly?

You could have a rule for each part of the equation - the signs, the coefficients and the variables.

A rule for the sign could be passed a coefficient. If the coefficient is zero nothing is printed, and if the coefficient is positive a plus sign is printed, if the coefficient is negative a minus sign is printed.
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