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online - collaboration tools - for a little team (up to 25 menbers)

Posted 31 August 2019 - 02:52 AM

dear experts at dreamincode

first of all - i hope and would be very very happy that this is posted in the right sub forum. If not - please set me straight.
At all the admins and mods-.- Thanks for your job. I love this site. It rocks!!!

good day. At these days we re looking for some tools. 

To explain it a bit more: we are much obsessed with collaboration, and the idea of successful teamwork - that ends up in productivity. 

We are aiming effective teamwork collaboration in a little team - up to 25 members. i think that when teams have a good base of collaboration, they probably should be 
less susceptible to waste their energy and ressources. Well a strong base can be built trough the collaborative work of a little team. 

To be more precise: with the help of a good online collaboration environment that will not only help  us in productivity of a teamproject but also result in successful projects.

-  Trello
-  BitBucket
-  Github 

we re looking for online collaboration tools to take our productivity to somewhat the next level; We re looking for a free project management and productivity tool, as well as a powerful team collaboration software, 

with features like 
- subtasks, 
- reminders, 
- task priorities, 
- time tracking, 

nice to have: 

- Gantt charts, 
- goals, 
- dependencies and custom statuses, 

Well - we have little experience with github and bitbucket. At least some of us...

What do you suggest: which way to go - what would you suggest. Love to hear your ideas and experience

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