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Buying a Macbook for development? For five years?

Posted 18 September 2019 - 04:40 PM


I'm planning on buying a new laptop, currently I have an ASUS R417W, 4GB RAM, 1.0Ghz - 1.5Ghz AMD E2, 64GB SSD (Linux).
While this is a pretty okay laptop I want to buy a Macbook Pro.

This is the Macbook I'm planning to buy:

Macbook Pro 2019, 16GB RAM, 1.4Ghz i5, 128GB SSD.

However, I have a few concerns:
1) This laptop will cost €1700, for that money I want it to last five years. Will this laptop still be a comfortable programming machine (no lags, fast,...) in five years?
2) For €360 extra I can choose the 1.7Ghz i7, is that a big need/improvement?
3) How is programming on a 13" screen? (I have a big external display)
4) I do a lot of work in my terminal using commands. Does MacOS have for example a good package-manager like apt, yum,...?
5) How is the 'Touch Bar' of this laptop? I for example use Vim, how annoying is pressing ESC?

I mostly do webdevelopment (front- and back-end), but sometimes I also need to open an IDE like Android Studio for mobile development. I often have 20+ tabs open (including Spotify), together with a photoshop program like GIMP, and my editor (Vim). Soon I'll do more mobile development (Flutter, Swift,...)

What do you think? Thanks!

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Re: Buying a Macbook for development? For five years?

Posted 18 September 2019 - 05:14 PM

128gb seems awfully small for a HD. I wouldn't go less than 256.

I've used small screen laptops and they bug me. I figure if I am going to be mobile developing then 15" would be the smallest.

Over all seems pretty pricey, but that may just be because it's a mac.
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