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Android Studio Problems

Posted 11 October 2019 - 01:09 PM

Hi all, struggling to install Android Studio. I have been trying for the past 4 hours. I had lots of different software's such as Atom, Visual Studio, Java Eclipse etc. This is my first time having to use Android Studio, I install it all is good, no errors. I run the App, it tries to sync the first error i get is a Gradle Sync error.
The next error is the Emulator, it says there is none installed.

After the install tries for about 20 minutes, it asks about the amount of RAM i want to allocate, i go with recommended then this happens. The install fails and i get this error.

I've tried a few different fixes including F2, changing a few settings to do with virtualisation and Intel, neither have seemed to work. I deleted all files/downloads, uninstalled Atom (which i thought was the problem), removed the "Android" file within my C drive. All coming back the same, i think it is either existing files clashing because i have too many similar named files for all software, too hard to tell. or it is the emulator download itself, I've read about and it says to download Emulator in a secret file within the SDK file not through Android Studio, but I honestly have no idea where my SDK file is downloading too and cannot find the Emulator download. Another possibility is when i first downloaded the program it could not locate the SDK file so i selected a file within Microsoft saved as SDK which i believed was correct after reading a tutorial, since being uninstalled its not asked me personally to locate the file, but it could potentially be locating the wrong file every time. Very confusing, very frustrating. I can't seem to find any straight forward fixes, a lot of links direct me to GitHub files which I have no idea how to implement. Any help at all is appreciated, open to suggestions if they differ from what I have already tried, hope you all understand as it's been 4 hours and I am just fed up lol, Thanks.

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