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wordpress: no permission to access site: ways, methods to get access

Posted 11 April 2020 - 05:01 AM

hello dear experts

forbidden: no permission to access site: ways, methods to get the access back :: i am looked out - and cannot access the page any more: 

the question is: how to disable theme using ftp or how to do some configurations that help me to get back again. 

to begin with the beginning: 

- running wP 5.3 - with the theme 2020
- note; the site is not active in a true sense: it was just installed several days ago. So there is not much content on it. i can do fresh install. No problem here. 

the conditions: and the preliminaries: server and setup 
- i am on a root-server which is maintained by a friend of me. 
- i have webmin and access to the logfiles and the apache and mysqlserver.
- i have access to the backend via ftp

what happened: several days ago i have been doing some minor changes in the backend - while this job i have fallen asleep (believe it or not) and the next day i get the following:

Forbidden: You don't have permission to access this resource.

the logfiles look like so: 
[Fri Apr 10 19:07:39.79231 2020] [core:error] [pid 15263] (13)Permission denied: [client] AH00035: access to /favicon.ico denied (filesystem path '/sites/www.site_one.org/favicon.ico') because search permissions are missing on a component of the path, referer: http://www.site_two.org`


interesting: both sites are vhosts on my server: the site one is not active - and the site two is the site i cannot access at the moment. 

regarding the settings: i have set the site to theme 2020 - twentytwenty.
at the moment i do not have a idea what to do:  can i restore the site via backend...

sensu: how to disable theme using ftp  https://wordpress.org/support/topic/how-to-disable-theme-using-ftp/


One of my themes, Avada, is currently causing a white screen with the message, “The site is experiencing technical difficulties” on both front and backend. If I rename the Avada folder using FTP, the message changes to “The theme directory “Avada” does not exist”.So I know it is calling the theme. How do I go about disabling the Avada theme using FTP (since backend is not accessible) and how do I activate another theme, e.g. Twentynineteen? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks, Rutger
end of quote... 

the questions are: 

- can i do something via backend - that is: via ftp-backend? 
- renameing themes - that is  switching off themes 
- renaming plugins - that is  switching off  plugins

 or do something else alike 
- or should i  do a update & to the newest version 5.4 

note: the site does not (!) have a bunch of content - it was just in a freshly install-mode. 

look forward to hear from you 


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Replies To: wordpress: no permission to access site: ways, methods to get access

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Re: wordpress: no permission to access site: ways, methods to get access

Posted 11 April 2020 - 09:31 PM

Have you tried removing themes or plugins? Try it and see what happens. If one particular thing is locking you out, remove it and see what happens. You can always put it back.

Most of the settings are the database though rather than files. If you can't accomplish what you're trying to do via FTP then try to figure out the database structure and make your changes there.
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