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Pandas writing my own data

Posted 23 June 2020 - 02:58 PM

Iím not sure how silly of a question this is, but Iíve been work with pandas enough to get familiar with it a good amount. However, instead of scanning through preexisting files and filtering through, Iím trying to make my own data frame.

The file I made consists of two columns I made called Name and Timestamp and have been trying to figure out how to add data under a specific column such as Name letís say. My code asks for a name and I enter it and it is there I want said name to appear under the Name column and add on to the Name column every time I enter in a new name. I looked at both functions append() and insert() but according to the description of them, they are not exactly what I need. Are there any functions or methods I am unaware of?

If further elaboration is needed, I can post my current code for a better understanding

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