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Get live streaming from IP camera

Posted 16 April 2021 - 03:31 AM

I have an IP camera that connects to the home WiFi network and streams the video to a smartphone's app, probably also to a generic app, not necessarily its own app.
Reading its manual it doesn't say anything about the possibility to watch the streaming on a PC.
What I think is that if the cam can stream the video to the app over the WiFi connection, I should also be able to intercept the streaming using a browser from a PC connected to the same network.
I can easily know the cam IP address, it is enough to check the connected devices to the router.
What I miss to know is the port and if the URL query string also needs additional parameters.

Are there any default, or commonly used, port/parameters for IP cameras that I could try?

The camera I'm using is a Cusflyx Mini HD Camera.

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