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Java Patterns Project

Posted 20 June 2021 - 08:48 AM

Hello Everyone i'm new to patterns and i have a project for university i want your help on what java patterns could i possibly use in this project Thanks in advance !!

Assistance in Project Correction

This project is part of the programming course teacher assistance.
In a first step, the teacher must indicate the concepts and key words on which
system will be based to be able to analyze subsequently one or more projects and reporter to
the teacher the result of the analysis so that he can develop the questions to ask or
in pairs during the presentation of the tool to the course jury.

After having specified and saved this list of concepts and keywords, the teacher can
select the location of one or more project directories. Thus, the system will have to
scan the code or text files of each directory in order to dissect them according to the criteria
specified in advance by the teacher.

Each concept and or keyword must be associated with one or more sequence of words specific to the
programming language. If the list is empty, the system will use the concept description in
ignoring the case. Other properties can be added as the project
will evolve.

Example of a list of concepts and keywords:


Explication exemples :


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