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Senior Machine Learning / Computer Vision Engineer in Los Altos, CA

Posted 17 December 2021 - 12:22 AM

Glass Imaging is looking for a Senior Deep Learning / Computer Vision Algorithms Engineer, to work on advanced problems in computational photography.

You would be responsible for bringing the latest cutting edge Computer Vision models into production on embedded devices and smartphones, from investigating, developing and training Deep Learning models and algorithms, to optimizing them for high throughput real time imaging applications.

Founded by former Apple Engineers who brought you Portrait Mode and other iPhone camera features, Glass is building the future of miniaturized imaging that delivers astonishing image quality and user experience. You’d be joining a unique team of creative and enthusiastic engineers with a passion and track record for revolutionizing the world of photography.

Required Skills & Experience:

Strong Python skills + working knowledge of C/C++
Expertise with Deep Learning implementations for imaging (UNet, Pix2Pix, GANs, CNN architectures, Image Transformers etc) with PyTorch or Tensorflow
Model optimization & ML Ops experience - hyperparameter tuning, distributed training, building efficient data loaders & image preprocessing pipelines
Image processing, graphics & ML / Computer Vision algorithms, e.g.: Stereo Depth estimation, Guided/Bilateral filtering, feature matching, style transfer, iterative algorithms, BLAS; Libraries such as OpenCV; ISP (demosaic, denoise, HDR etc);
Computational photography methods. Inverse imaging: Super-resolution, deconvolution, inpainting. Knowledge of camera calibration, optics, lens design, color science, image quality
Passion for keeping up to date with the latest AI research
Excellent communication, analytical and problem solving skills, strong self motivation
3+ years of relevant Industry experience / MSc or PhD in a related technical field

Read more / apply: https://ai-jobs.net/...ision-engineer/

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