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big margin in Twenty-twenty Theme (TT): how to solve this?

Posted 29 December 2021 - 03:51 AM

hello dear ArtificialSoldier, Martyr2, modi123_1 :bigsmile:/>

update: the weird width has to do with the page-width: see below.

First of all
: i hope that you are well and everything goes well at your hometown. I hope that your town is doing well with the pandemic-situation. And yes: hopefully you have a great season-holiday.

Today i have a little issue with a wordpress-theme: big margin in Twenty-twenty Theme (TT) how to solve this?

I am really puzzled about something.

i have set a gutenberg block in the theme twenty-twenty - i did it according to Mike Haydons manual
see: https://www.intelliw...t-in-gutenberg/ "How To Make A multi Column Layout In Gutenberg"

Mike states: "To make a x column layout in the WordPress Gutenberg editor, select the x column layout,
Start by choosing the "Columns" block. Assuming you want four equal columns, choose the three equal columns variation. It's the 66 / 33 one."

the question: how to set the width of the column!? Should i do this via Appearance/Simple Css?!
Some of my friends told me that this would be possible:

see the image with the two column layout: 66,6 / 33,3 %

the column settings are quite worse

what makes me wonder is; why do i have

a. such a big border
b. see the margin that i have here
c. note that i have added a wp-job-manager-plugin with some demo job-listings

all looks pretty awful and i wonder how to get a better layout.
all the elements are centered in a very high grade - nothing is arranged - and i have a awesome big margin

how to solve this in the theme twenty-twenty (TT)
see here https://imgur.com/CbPvbsE


BTW; unfortunatly i have errors in uploading images - but this is a long (!!!) term issue on the DreaminCode-Server.... and i struggle with this ever since... ;(

update: the weird width has to do with the page-width:

i have set the template to have an adequate container width ( Full Width Template ),

and all worked well.

many thanks for this great forum. it is so awesome.

all the best to you and have a wonderful new year

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