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Reyco1 AS3 Framework

Posted 03 February 2008 - 04:27 PM

Hi All:

The classes in the framework are a compilation of classes I had written in AS2 and had ported over to AS3 along with others. I added a few classes to the framework and decided that it was time to let it loose out into the wild.

Here are just a few of the classes:

Found in the “manager” package.
This class allows you to easily add and manage Right Click context menu’s to any display object, including the stage.

Found in the “tool” package.
The PaypalCart is a class which allows you to build and customize your very own flash PayPal shopping cart.

Found in the “util” package.
Using the new Dictionary class in AS3 along with the ExternalInterface class, this class allows you to grab any and all parameters in the url of the html page holding your swf.

Found in the “extension” package.
Any document class that extends the FullBrowserExtension is full browser ready and all you need to do is just have a bitmap tile in the library with “Tile” as the class name (linkage id).

These are just a few of the classes in the ever growing framework as I will be adding more and more in the near future. Some of the classes in the pipeline for the following weeks are a “FormValidator” which will use regular expressions to make sure the entries in a field are valid, a “LayoutManager“ which will be responsible the visual organization of your sites/application and a “VideoController” for easily controlling flv files.

You can see the documentation at http://www.reynaldoc...rkDocumentation and you can grab the files using subversion from

There are examples for all the major classes in the “samples” folder. I would start there and crack open the fla’s and document files to see how to get started.


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