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Base Href

Post icon  Posted 10 August 2002 - 06:03 PM

this is kinda hard to explain, but i'll give it a go:

basicly, i've got this scroller that buffers pages from a hidden iframe and diaplyis it in all it's glory inside the scroller, this is all well and good but 'cos its buffered into the page the scoller is on the browser seems to think that everything is in the same directory as the scoller, with me so far?

it was all fine untill it came to thwe time that i need to create galleries, and to create them i use a program (arles image web page creator) which creates all the thumbnails and the html pages and links to the full sized images, and when i load the newly created galleries into the scoller the images dont show up and the links dont work cos the scroller thinks that all the images and html giles are in the 'galleries' directory instead of linking to the subdirectory 'buffy', 'dawn' etc.

usually i would just eedit all the links and scr of the images to get it to work proplery, but because im gonna have so many pages and images it becomes a very tedious task, so i decided to try and use the BASE href="dawn/" to point the browser to the correct images, but it dont work in ie6, so is there something i can do with javascript?

any help woul really save me loads of time

--sva-- :blink:

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