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Posted 28 March 2008 - 03:39 PM

Even though many of you might not like to use Internet explorer, it is a very widely used browser that is good enough for most people. Ever been at work or a public place and looked at a website that you would rather not have other people know you were looking at? Well without clearing the history, it is possible to take that site out of the address bar so that it can not be found by the click of a mouse.

For this tutorial to work for you, you will need :
- Access to the computers registry and/or a registry editing program
- A few minutes
- To be willing to edit the Windows Registry

Nothing done in this tutorial will cause harm to any computer, therefore if something should go wrong, neither nor I can be held responsible. Also, If you plan on doing something Illegal or something that you are not supposed to be doing and get caught, I will not take any of the blame simply because you thought to do something bad because you were going to cover your trail. Well lets say you are in a public place and go on but don't want people to know you were there, simple close the browser. Anybody now looking over your shoulder will not be able to see you were at youtube. But what if they open up IE and click the down arrow next to the address bar??? Well they now know exactly where you have been. After you are done with your session on Internet Explorer, simply close the browser and go to Start->Run and type "regedit" without the quotation marks.

Now be very careful in this new window as it contains EXTREMELY sensitive information.

Go to HKEY_Current_User->Software->Microsoft->Internet Explorer->TypedURLS

In this folder there will be a list of items which you can modify or delete. In the case of totally removing a website from the address bar, simple scroll over the item's name, right click on it and press delete. This simple action removes the website's name from your address bar. But why stop there, you were on the computer and it looks mighty suspicious if someone was sitting in front of a computer pretending to do something. So in the case of modification, Right click on the item's name again and this time select Modify. A new window should appear and say the name of the website inside of a textbox. Simply type in what website you want to appear, such a and click "Ok".

Now exit out of the registry and open up internet explorer. If you have followed these steps, then a new website name should appear and no one will ever suspect that you were at the dirtiest site of them all, </dic>.

One final warning : This method will ward away some suspicious people, but it is not a 100% promise that someone won't find out what you were really doing, because there are other ways of finding out.

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