Creating multi user applications using VB6.0

How to create a distributed multi user application in VB6.0

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Re: Creating multi user applications using VB6.0

Post icon  Posted 01 April 2008 - 10:58 PM

I have been using VB6.0 for about a year. We developed a single user application for a client using a Microsoft Jet (Access) database). I now have client that wants a multi-user app written using a SQL Server database. I have been in this business a long time and have written and distributed multi-user apps using many different development tools/languages but this will be a first using VB 6.0. I have some very fundamental questions:

Where doe the executable reside? This app will have upwards of 40 users. Hopefully they can all use a central copy of the .exe and don't have to have it loaded on thier local workstations. That would be a nightmare for rolling out software changes.

How to approach record locking? Best method of implementing pessimistic locking? In other systems I would typically mark a record that is taken for editing, usually with a datetime stamp. Before updating the record after changes have been made I read the record to make sure that is has the same date-time stamp. If not, someone else has requested the record for update. I know that when setting up the ADO recordsets you specify the type of locking but what does it take to actually lock the record.

How changes need to be made to the VB code to handle recrod locking?
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