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its the week of my 21st... forgive me

Posted 06 April 2008 - 12:03 AM

i am allowed 2 drunk threads this week. i normally try to keep them to a minimum.
this time i have classic budweiser. someone bought it for beer pong. who plays beer pong with budweiser.

the taste is fantastic but chugging ruins it.

things i have thought about tonight :
1) beer pong = greatest sport not in the olympics right now
1a) people who say it doesn't take skill and its just luck... have never played. or are gay.
1b.) all tables should ALLOW bounce rules. really, if your balsy enough to go for it(which i am) you should get rewarded.
1c) the rarest of rare bounce-in followed by a partner bounce-in in THE SAME CUP, should result in everyone in the party having to drink 2 full cups of beer, even if they were not playing, were designated drivers and/or are pregnant. because its that awesome. and because me... and my partner... had that happen tonight.

extended 1c backstory : table rules did not have the aforementioned rule and therefore we only removed 4 cups out of their 10... and somehow lost. (she was hot)

2) people who take flip cup seriously should be shot
2a) the underlying reason for this game to be invented was to get sorority girls drunk.. some guys don't know this and think its a challenge to flip a cup upside down after drinking 1/2 a cup of keystone light... they are fucktards and spoil the game for the rest of us.

3) the matrix is by far the best movie to watch drunk... surpassing smokin aces... old school AND fight club.
3a) however... LORD of the Rings is the best set of movies to watch WHILE drinking

4) best football movies (in order i can recall them)
a) remember the titans
B.) friday night lights
c) al pacino & jamie foxx
d) varsity blues

5) there aren't normal fat people in movies or tv. its only the horrendously fat like hurley from lost or the fat guy in varsity blues....
i think its because were so obsessed with their size we can't comprehend how fucking gross it is that they are that fat.

6) having a collection of really big sweatshirts comes in handy if a girl were to spill a drink on herself... you just give her a sweatshirt. no shorts / pants required.
a) money.

7) girls don't like the xbox 360. you should hide it and how much you play it like you do your porn and masturbatory habits.
a) common sense. rules to live by. keep that shit hidden.
B.) do NOT tell her about that sick snipe you had where you got a 2 for 1 and an achievement so your gamescore is now 3150.
c) furthermore.... its not even allowed to talk to your friends about games while in the same room as a girl for two reasons 1) you will forget there are girls there 2) girls fucking know. i don't know how. but they fucking know. its crazy.

8) how did i get to number 8. i remember being on number 2. no one is gonna read this shit. if your reading this your a fucking moron.

9) 360 controllers > ps3 controllers any day of the week that ends in y. its perfect. i hold it in my hand and i get turned on.

10) neo is about to get that crazy insect thrown into his stomach... shit always grosses me out.

11) i've typed this entire fucking thing with a brunette under my covers... in my sweatshirt. i own you all......................................

and...... PICS so it DID happen.

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Re: its the week of my 21st... forgive me

Posted 06 April 2008 - 02:31 AM

you big dumb.
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