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Posted 13 April 2008 - 05:25 PM

I have put all projects on hold again (although the development group I was working on the 3D MMORPG with has released the source code to another group of developers - meaning their should be another 3D Java MMORPG out eventually) to bring you guys my latest news. Yes, I have crawled out of my dark hole again :blink:

TAIWriter is a program that is under development that uses Microsofts Voice Recognition software. You need a microphone, and anything you say in the microphone gets typed out into any program... great for microsoft word, talking on aol/aim, etc. Currently it recognizes 850 words but will know several thousand words in the upcoming month. I have yet to figure out how I plan on working on spacing words, puncuation, or the tense (past, present, future) of the word. If you say a word that is unprogrammed it will play a wave file and tell you that the word you said is unknown.

Their is already a program like this available, but not all of us have $100 to spend at the snap of our finger - the aim for this program is free or maybe trial/$5 to buy (mainly to help me fund other projects).


Here's a demo of the program working in full... it's recognition quality is not 100% proper as of now.

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