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Creating website functions in JSP and Tomcat

Post icon  Posted 18 April 2008 - 09:57 AM

Hello every one, I am doing website with JSP and Apache Tomcat which are completely new to me . I need some help from you to work out the code in order to fit some requirements from my project.

First of all, I already created website which is about Vietnamese Restaurant with database.

in Database, I use MS Access( I choose this because of my tutor requirement and its popular use on people 's PC when people use MS Office ) and create 1 table for CUSTOMER and another is MENU.

- In CUSTOMER, I have : username, password, email, Order_Number.
- In MENU, I get: Order_Number, Menu, Price.

Now, I am needing your help to work out my needs

1- about register.jsp page, in this, How can I put user information to table database called CUSTOMER with username, password and email after user submit.

2- about Login.jsp page, which code can help me to handle user information, which is username and passowrd ,user already register in register.jsp, will be compared to data in table CUSTOMER, if it is already in database, login is successfull, otherwise, it will send user back to login.jsp with more texts such as " you are new member, please, register first".

3- about search.jsp, I would like to get codes which can help user find what they want with a keyword. For example: user type a text which is " beef" then click on button named "search", it will take a list of name of food have keyword "beef" from database table called MENU and display all to user.

If I figure these out, my project will be finished greatly.

please help me



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