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Review of Web Programmer Gaston Gorosterrazu

Posted 23 April 2008 - 11:13 PM

Interesting stories out here guys. Iíd like to tell you a story as well. This happened to a friend of mine and I donít wish to all in here NOT to encounter such lame persons. It is a bit longer but with a bit of patience you will get to the end. If you have any advice for my friend please let me know about it. He wanted to just pass over it, but I said ďNo, people have to know about this. At least help others avoid thisĒ. So here I am telling you his story :

According to web programmer Gaston Gorosterrazu's profile at outsource website oDesk, his self proclaimed principal skill is to "get the job done." Sadly, his statement couldn't be further from the truth. Gaorosterrazu's greatest skills appear to be magical- he turns large sums of advances into nothing, and has an infamous disappearing act where he cuts all communication with his client. Do not be fooled by this scam artist in a freelance contractor's clothing! Selecting him for any type of web development work will only result in a loss of an advance, frustration in communication if you can get any, and a complete exercise in futility as you waste time with the failure to complete a project.

The latest victim is a well-respected company in the wholesale business for over a decade (the friend I was talking about in the beginning). During the re-design of the company's website, Gorosterrazu was advanced half of the project's quote, or $1,900. After 3 months of little communication, and nearly a complete lack of truth in any of it, the company was forced to file a complaint with the outsourcing website Gorosterrazu was contacted through.

The project was expected for completion in only 30 days, but was delayed repeatedly by lame excuses from Gorosterrazu, including a lightning strike to equipment, and constant insistence of a faulty Internet connection. When the client requested the project be completed immediately, or a refund be given, Gorosterrazu began to blame the client and decided since in his estimation 50% of the work was completed, both parties were free to walk away.

In the world of web writing, 50% of a project might as well be 0%. It is not always possible to find another developer able to salvage what remains of a project written by a shady developer. Variables, process call ups, and writing structure may be so unique, it is impossible to complete. When hiring Gaston Gorosterrazu, the phrase "Caveat emptor," could not be more appropriate. So guys take heed and consider yourself warned: this man is a con artist. Gorosterrazu will not operate in a professional manner, nor yield any sort of productive return for your troubles. Hope you wonít ever meet such persons like this guy.

To learn more about this scammer and also post your comments about this you can visit the following site as well : http://www.gastongorosterrazu.com/ (to the admins/moderators : if you feel that this last paragraph is spammy please delete it, I donít have any intention to spam, just to advise people about this scam).

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