Merging Winsock & Wininet

Trying to allow proxy support in my winsock prog

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Merging Winsock & Wininet

Posted 01 May 2008 - 10:02 AM


I'm currently have a program that works fine from home as there is not proxy but when I want it to work in a proxy environment.
i.e. How do I add http proxy support to winsock?

I've read that using wininet does support proxy connections so would I have to rewrite the code or would it be better to integrate into winsock?

All the program does is fetches a text file off an http server so it's nothing complicated.

I've read that you can manipulate http headers but I haven't found any clear or concise documentation for http proxies that would enable me to send username and password. (It requires encryption which is a bit heavy to code).



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