please help me with this project

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please help me with this project

Post icon  Posted 09 May 2008 - 08:24 AM

hi every body
iam a beginner in computer programing & iam so interested in doing such a work
my Quistion is
i found this project online & i would like to get help to know which of program do i need to use.& how to do thid work....u can give me example & i'll do the rest of it
please HELPhere it is

This is a web 2.0 project even though everything is the same for specs it uses different keywords so it is different than the 1st.
I need someone to load up 1 page of content and an image to
3 different web2.0 sites for 67 different keywords. You'll need to create 10 different usernames with 6-7 pages for each one for each keyword phrase. Also some ping is involved in the project, I'll teach you how to do this.Some of the areas of the 1 page content will adjusted for each key word.

make one hubpage an example of a hub page

Metrics/Checklist for Making Web 2.0 sites:
1) Title, Meta Tags, web url= ie:, content must contain keywords that pertain to each page of the site.
2) Create new username+ password for each site 10 different usernames for every 6-7 keywords per site.
3) Use the Pictures given in the content
4) Give me a list of different usernames and passwords used in the project.
5) Can use the same username for different Web2.0 properties.
6) Web 2.0 properties needed are:

7) A) Make sure for every keyword you write a unique title that ties the keyword to the content. ie: Learn the truth about hair loss treatment for women
8) Make sure you fill out the profile with some basic information
9) Please use the appropriate pictures(1 of 2) for the appropriate keywords
11) keyword list below
Group 1# Lower Cholesterol= http://www.oneclick-...owercholesterol
low cholesterol diet
diet to lower cholesterol
foods that lower cholesterol
low cholesterol foods diets
low cholesterol recipes
normal cholesterol levels
cholesterol lowering foods
diet for lowering cholesterol
reducing cholesterol
foods to avoid high cholesterol
how to lower your cholesterol naturally
cholesterol lowering drugs
foods to lower cholesterol
low cholesterol diet menus
diets for high cholesterol
cholesterol lowering
cholesterol free diet
cholesterol reducing foods
low cholesterol food
cholesterol diets
natural ways to lower cholesterol
how to lower bad cholesterol
how to lower high cholesterol
how to naturally lower cholesterol
how to reduce cholesterol
natural cure for high cholesterol

Group 2# Lower triglycerides= http://www.oneclick-...ertriglycerides
lowering triglycerides
diet to lower triglycerides
how to lower triglyceride levels
reducing triglycerides
diet to reduce triglycerides
triglyceride lowering diet

Group 3# cleanse arteries= http://www.oneclick-...cleansearteries
supplement cleans arteries
artery cleaners
artery plaque
hardening of the arteries
clogged arteries
coronary artery disease
blocked arteries
advanced artery solution

Group 4# heart attack prevention= http://www.oneclick-...ttackprevention
heart attack treatment
silent heart attack symptoms
signs of a heart attack
symptoms of a heart attack
mild heart attack symptoms
early heart attack symptoms
heart attack symptoms in women
10 signs of heart attack
heart attack warning signs
symptoms of heart attack in women
reversing heart disease
heart disease prevention
tips to prevent heart disease

Group 4# stroke prevention= http://www.oneclick-...trokeprevention
signs of a stroke
symptoms of a mini stroke
stroke recovery
mild stroke symptoms
early warning signs of a stroke
stroke treatment
stroke symptons
stroke cause
stroke rehabilitation
symptoms of minor stroke

Group 5# heart natural Lipitor alternative= http://www.oneclick-.../naturallipitor
side effects from lipitor
side effects of lipitor
lipitor unusual side effect
generic lipitor
lipitor serious side effects
lipitor generic

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Replies To: please help me with this project

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Re: please help me with this project

Posted 09 May 2008 - 08:52 AM

Unfortunately no-one here is going to do all of this work for you. You'll need to make a start and post problems you encounter as you go. You will need to post your code like this: :code:

What server side language are you using for this? eg:, PHP... etc? Post in those particular forums as needed.
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Re: please help me with this project

Posted 09 May 2008 - 09:41 AM

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