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Advertisements - From Dull to Impressive

Posted 13 May 2008 - 12:34 AM

A few days ago, I was surfing some websites for something to do and I ran across a flash-based advertisement for a Go-Phone featuring Sonic the Hedgehog and it had his companion Tails Miles. Before I know it, I was playing their little game where Tails tried to talk Sonic into getting a cell phone. Then something clicked while I was playing, I was playing a flash advertisement game.

Ten or so years ago, advertisements were done by throwing some poorly crafted JPEG(s) and/or GIF(s) ad-banners on websites and using whatever code that was being mustard at the time to changing the banners every time you refreshed the page. The banners were also random too, one moment you would be getting a debt reduction ad and the next would be a an advertisement for Vista credit cards. Floods of pop-ups would spam and crash your computer for basically about anything that could be advertised, and even spam e-mail was popular back then.

Just with the past few years, all of this has changed. Advertisement has moved in a new direction, to find new ways to annoy us by embedding a flash layer over videos (YouTube.com is a great example of this), selective marketing through data mining processes, and much more. It is scary that just within just a few years, marketing as we know it has changed drastically.

What is even more scary is that what will the future of marketing online will become? As new technology emerges, as new software is being licensed and sold, you can bet that advertisement companies will be there to back them up with a new kind of advertising method.

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