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The first of many questions yet to come.

Post icon  Posted 20 May 2008 - 10:46 AM

Hello everyone. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

I have no real experience in programming and I am looking to do a whole lot of it. I have a lot of time and a string desire.

Let me be clear I am not a programmer; to me it is just a cost efective means to an end. Now let me get into the meat of what I want.

I am looking for advice on a starting point to reach my short term and long term goal.

My short term goal is to create a program that will help me manage my activities with online selling, mainly Ebay.

I want to be able to move a steady supply of inventory with little interaction, consisting mainly of unexpected events and progress management.

Most of that I can do with the seller tools that ebay offers, but thatís not all I want to do. The most important thing I want is to have the program record everything that happens.

I have made an Access database to record all kings of things, buyers, listings, items, sales, feedback; shipping... the only problem is I have to input all that info manually. It gets to be quite a problem when Iím adding 20 listings a day.

The other thing I want the program to do is automate communication with the bidders and buyers. I send various Emails at various times to each buyer.

My long term goal is to operate various websites and online retail locations with a big complicated automated mess.

So my questions to you areÖ

Where do I start? What programming language should I use to create the first program for recording data and sending emails? Some one said PEARL, is this good?

And how do I wan myself off of access and onto something better?

Also another more complicated question, I know there are better questions I should be asking but like I saidÖ Iím not a programmer, not yet at least, would you know of and such questions?

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Replies To: The first of many questions yet to come.

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Re: The first of many questions yet to come.

Posted 20 May 2008 - 11:00 AM

Wow... loaded question you got there.

What you are talking about doing is a massive undertaking and I wish the best of luck to you in this endeavor.

As far as getting off of Access, I would recommend MySQL databases - others may say otherwise, but MySQL is my preference.

Being that you are considering all this to be web-based, you'll probably need to learn a good chunk of HTML/XHTML, PHP, Javascript, and maybe a little XML topped with a sprinkling of CSS. I am not familiar with Perl so I can't really offer advice in that department (though there are others here who can).

For someone with zero programming experience, my biggest recommendation would be patience - and lots of it. You're not going to learn it all and have it up and running in three days. It's gonna take time to bring it all together.

When you've gathered more specific questions, we'll be here.

Good luck!
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Re: The first of many questions yet to come.

Posted 20 May 2008 - 12:38 PM

Cheese has nailed it ;) I would suggest MySQL as your database, and PHP would be fantastic for ebay (Ebay made sdk - development - kits for their site using PHP...so great lead there, and PHP works perfect with MySQL). Over all, good approach there. For now, learn PHP, html(which is very easy) and css (which takes a little time to master), and MySQL (which you should learn while learning PHP).

If you're looking for a cost effective way, hire a web developer and they should be able to cook something up for you quickly.
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