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Creating a simple NSIS installer script

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Post icon  Posted 20 May 2008 - 09:28 PM

; The name of the installer
; You have to be extra careful when typing the name of you installer because if you put unnecessary characters as; they would be reflected in the user interface (UI). e.g Name "HelloWorld." Notice the extra period? Yep, it would
; show up in the UI 

Name "HelloWorld"

; The file to write
; This is the setup file itself - thor78
OutFile "HelloWorld.exe"

; The default installation directory
; This NSIS complier automatically determines the location of your C:\Program Files
; using the reserved word $PROGRAMFILES
InstallDir $PROGRAMFILES\HelloWorld


; Pages
; This are the pages you will see in the UI when you execute the installer,
; The first page would allows you to browse where you want your program installed,
; This also sets the $INSTDIR property. The second page shows you the progress of the installation

Page directory
Page instfiles


; The stuff to install
; This the "Main" component that does where we group all the necessary things to do by the compiler,
; when we make functions, we can call them in this section
; Since this is a basic example, we can omit the section name
Section "";No components page, name is not important

; Set output path to the installation directory.

; Put file there
; This is the list where the compiler gets the files to include to the setup file

File HelloWorld.nsi
;You this is where you place your .exe files e.g.:
;File HelloWorld.exe

Sectionend; end the section

================================================== ======
Save the file as "filename.nsi", right-click the file and select compile NSIS script. If no errors are detected, you can test your example afterwards.
================================================== ======

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