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Viewing streaming video on the web

Posted 16 July 2008 - 08:01 AM

I have just installed several Linksys WVC 200 PTZ cameras. There is a option to use the Sololink DDNS service to view these cameras online but I wanted to know if I can add pages (with passwords) to my website to view these cameras with out using the sololink service. I am sure this can be done. Can someone give me some direction and/or options to figure this out. Thanks for the help
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Re: Viewing streaming video on the web

Posted 16 July 2008 - 09:23 AM


Player can be embedded into web page as an ActiveX control for IE browser or as Mozilla plugin for Gecko based browsers such as FireFox and Netscape. Incoming content is not stored on client computer's hard disk and user is not allowed to save media locally, thus author's rights are fully protected. User authentication and access restrictions enable trusted access to media resources. User logging provides means to track user activity. SDK allows automation and customization of Server behavior.

check this page: http://www.networkca...rver/index.html

You will need to install Unreal Media Server.
Go here: http://www.umediaser...rver/index.htmlS
* Install (UMS)
* Check the SDK, Tutorials, and Demos.

Also dont forget to read this part:


3. Creating a web page with Windows Media Player embedded:
Suppose the alias of your live broadcast is "radio" and your Media Server IP is Then specify "mms://" for Windows Media Player. Download the sample page that does exactly that. Note that 5119 is the Media Server port which must be open in firewalls; this port can be changed.


As for the password page. make an authentication system, "I don't know what you're using for server side, php/mysql...".
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