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Lead Programmer needed for multiplayer 2D action-adventure

Posted 03 August 2008 - 09:30 AM

Team name:
Huns of the Hunted Development Team

Project name:
Huns of the Hunted

Brief description:
A brand-new game designed to capture the appeal of golden-age 2D action-adventure games, HOTH is heavily inspired by classics such as Super Metroid, Soldat, and Metal Warriors.

Target aim:
We aim to create a high quality, unique, innovative and above all FUN game. We are also going to have a lot of fun doing it, and gain lots of good experience!

We are now fully committed to a shareware distribution model, but until the game is finished we all work for free. Credit for your work is always given and we have a democratic team structure in which we try to keep everyone happy and feeling like they are being treated fairly.

C# running in windows. Ogre3D for graphics. These are the only elements of our engine set in stone at this point.

Talent needed:
We are currently looking for someone to Lead our programming team. We have built a VERY strong art team, made up entirely of game industry veterans, but at this point we have only one programmer with no completed games under their belt. We feel it is best to start by finding a Leader; someone who is skilled, open-minded, friendly, understands our vision and will complete the leadership triumvirate to help me and Chris, our Art Lead, in organizing the project. Candidate should also have at least one completed game to show off.

Team structure:
Art Team:
Christopher J Wallace (Art Lead, 3D Modeler)
Woo Suk Lee (3D Modeler)
Junhee Yu (3D Modeler)
Hyen Jin Soo (3D Animator)

Design Team:
Sam Henzel (Project Coordinator, Game & Map Design)
Christian "SiebZehN" Müller (Music Composer)
Du-Eon Ryu (Concept Artist)

Coming soon.

I prefer to be contacted via MSN, Gmail, or IRC
MSN: [email protected]
AIM: Mousse420POOP
YIM: mousse420
email: [email protected]
IRC: #hoth on irc.xinja.net
Note: Please don't message me via the site. use one of the methods given above ^

Previous Work by Team:

Many members of our art team have competed in the Dominance War contest hosted by GameArtisans; this has been our primary recruiting pool for our art team. They have asked that their companies no longer be named here. Contact me if you need more info on this.

I myself previously worked on the fangame Super Metroid Classic, now defunct.

Additional Info:
Huns of the Hunted is a multiplayer focused 2D action-adventure game for Windows. Our chief inspiration is the classic 16-bit console title Super Metroid, with additional influence from other great games such as Soldat, Team Fortress 2 and Thievery, among others. Levels consist of large, self-contained cooperative or competitive (Team vs Team) scenarios, each with their own uniquely designed objectives.

To play as a human is just one of several choices. Several more playable races will be available, originating from throughout the galaxy and each with their own unique attributes and abilities. We have several great artists who have already put out excellent concept art for these new alien species.

Only bother contacting me/giving feedback if you can maintain a positive, can-do attitude. I do not consider simply telling me this cannot be done or suggesting that I spend 2 years learning to code myself, to be constructive criticism. I am only interested in dealing with winners. Saying you can't do something is most often the biggest thing keeping you from doing it.

NOTE: I still occasionally have somebody contact me, for the purpose of just giving me the same loser talk mentioned above ^ . For all the rest of you: I don't care what you have to say. If it doesn't have anything to do with you somehow helping this get done, I do not care, and don't bother contacting me. You know who you are. Thanks.

ANOTHER NOTE: At this point my biggest annoyance is people who "sign up" for the project, claiming they are ready to commit to it, and basically convince me they are all gung-ho about the idea, and then I subsequently never hear from them again. This is idiocy. I don't know what these people think commitment means, but it doesn't mean saying you're on board and then immediately wandering off in a daze, like you think this agreement doesn't matter. Please don't bother contacting me if this is all you're going to do. This is a PROFESSIONAL team; we only accept other professionals, or at least act like one. I'm tired of putting people up on the roster because they SAY they're ready to commit, and then a few days later having to take them off again because they inexplicably disappeared without letting anyone know where they are going.

Hoping to hear from you guys soon,

Sam @ Huns of the Hunted Development Team 8)

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