Python Event Log (Server/client) application

want to start an ‘Event Log’ project in python, the application will b

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Python Event Log (Server/client) application

Posted 22 August 2008 - 10:02 AM

Hello friends.

I`m currently learning python, I want to start an ‘Event Log’ project in python, the application will be a server/client application running on windows (XP, Vista) and Linux. The server will service as the host of tracking all the clients connected to the server.

The server will work like this

The server is GUI (i`m thinking of using Tkinter)
Handle more than one client at a time
Capable of changing client settings remotely
Ask the client some few questions and get back answer
Can choose to stop client process or even delete that client remotly

The client works like this

Client will be invisible (not shown in processes or in msconfig)
Will auto start during system start up
Connect to the remote server, get settings
Start working according to the settings gotten from the server
Start event login process
Log all keystrokes, clipboard and application title (like browser title bar, address bar etc..)
Write logs, the log will look like the log of pythonkeylogger
Zip the logged information and send it to the server

I need the name of all python modules that can handle this
I need your advice

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