Browser Based Game Php/Mysql Programmers Required.

Browser Based Game Php/Mysql Programmers Required.

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Browser Based Game Php/Mysql Programmers Required.

Posted 02 September 2008 - 12:10 PM

Project name:

Brief description:
Enwar is a Browser based MMO, that will be programmed in either PHP/Java/PHP/Mysql, its a strategy mmo, you build and upgrade your village to build an army to take over surrouding villages and conquer the game world. There will be units, that you can purchase and train, several diffrent types, buildings that will unlock other buildings after being built, ability to create your own alliance, and alot more. The genre is medievil, so knigts, archers all will be used in this game.

Target aim:
Basically it will be a Free to play game, with options to buy member credits to unlock special member features.

I cant pay as of just yet, since i to am not getting paid and making this game to help me learn to get into the game making industry.

Target Systems: PC/Pocket PC/Anything that can go on the internet.
Also with the programming language i was leaning towards Php/Mysql as the language since i know abit of it, but if you can do java/flash thats excellent to we can add some special little applets.

Talent needed:
Game Programmers
This project needs a few about 2/3, what this job is basically creating the game, inventing it, this will be your creation. You will need to have some php/mysql knowledge for this job and have to be enthusiastic and also ability to work on it alot.

Team structure:
Me - Programmer / Graphics Artist / Designer basically i can do all 3, but my programming capabilities arnt good enough to pull this off, i however am excellent with graphics and will be taking it upon myself to do the whole games graphics on my own, aswell with helping fill in the content, and help with abit of the programming tasks.

My email adress to email me is:
[email protected]
*Note: you can also find me on msn with that same email adress.

Additional Info:
Im looking for enthusiastic people to work with me, so we can get this done and be proud of what we have accomplished, i have been designing the layouts and game content aswell as the game itself already, so im eager to get with anyone that wants to help so we can start this project, (perfect if you want to add it to your portfolio).

All Feedback welcomed.

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