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Web Services and application distribution

Posted 15 September 2008 - 10:44 AM

Good evening!

Today, I was reading about IIS, and by the time I started, I was thinking that it is a separate web server like Apache, but when I got in touch with the information, I realized that it is integrated by default in the operation systems from the last years.

My question is related to the cases, when I have to give the user the ASP.NET Web Service files, so that he can use it on his own machine, or on the one that he uses in every day work. When I saw what is necessary to enable IIS, I was shocked and I was unsure if I can do this all with silent activities on Setup package for instance.

To summarize, I am asking about the way other applications are doing this thing, when they need to use Web Services and probably to use IIS, or another alternative?

I came accross some articles about Autodesk and it was written that they use a web server, written by themselves.

Thank you in advance!

P.S I am accepting some offers about IIS alternatives or something..., that will just be able to run Web Service, written on ASP.NET(VB.NET).

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