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New kid on the block...

Posted 24 September 2008 - 07:40 AM

I am new to Python and QT4 programming. Currently I create simple quick database apps with Microsoft Access for my job. But I use Linux, and work with several people on Macs so MS Access is not a viable solution for them.

So I recently started to learn Python and QT4 programming and have a pretty good book, Rapid GUI Programming with Python and Qt. My reasoning is simple, I want my tools to be cross platform, light and reliable. While Access works fine, people on Macs can't use it natively nor can people on Linux. And Access has some really strange quirks that can be quite annoying and lead to many hours of troubleshooting and work arounds, time I don't really have to give for such endeavors.

For the most part I am able to figure out what to do and how to do it. But I have run into a few areas where the book I am using is not adequate in explanation or examples. And even searching for an answer using Google has returned nothing of value. I will search for the answers here first then, if I still don't have an answer I will ask.

I am not a developer by trade but do understand programming concepts and have obtained my basic Computer Information Science certification from Coleman College in San Diego. As I stated earlier I create simple one off database driven utilities, applications, call them what you will, for my job. Which is Energy Management and Billing. And it's my ability to do this that has pretty much locked me into my job.

I wanted to get into programming when I got out of the Navy but ran into an elitist attitude and a lot of closed doors. Most of the jobs I looked at (76 in all) were for entry level... with a minimum of 2 years experience. That was a show stopper for me since I was a mechanical engineer in the Navy and attended school to learn the basics of programming.

So because getting help sometimes is so difficult I have decided to pursue the career I am in now, but still dabble with programming. Hence why I am able to create things with Access. The problem with using Access though is I have lost a lot of the initial skills I had started to build. Now as I am transitioning to a real programming environment I am seeing the shortcomings of using Access and it's been a hindrance for me.

Anyhow, I can see the power of Python and Qt and I know once I get the basics figured out I will be able to run with it better and faster than with Access. And so that is why I am here, to hopefully obtain the pushes in the right direction so I may continue on my journey to programming enlightenment.

Guess that's enough for now.

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