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Python 2.6 final Released

Posted 02 October 2008 - 02:13 AM

Python 2.6 final has been released. Python is a portable, dynamic, object-oriented language.

This release includes: support for the 'with' keyword without requiring a 'from __future__ import with_statement' directive, a __package__ attributes for modules, support for a per-user site-packages directory, the new 'multiprocessing' package, improved string formatting, optional support for 'print' as a function, exception handling changes, support for byte literals, the new 'io' module, support for class decorators, a type hierarchy for numbers in the 'numbers' module, the new 'fractions' module, optimizations, the deprecation of some modules, updated modules, support for building with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, bug fixes, and other changes.

From: Python 2.6 final Released


From: http://xfruits.com/s...002_061330.html

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