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creating a mail system in php...

Post icon  Posted 18 October 2008 - 09:24 AM

HI, I plan on in a couple of weeks to start making a php class script to make a mail system page.

I am using postfix as the mail server.

What I want to do is have webpages created that would interface with the postfix mail server.

what I mean by interface I mean like to make a page that a user has to be logged in. I will check if the user login if not he will be promted a login window.

Then when logged in I want to make a interface kinda like a gui. That will be somewhat like aol,msn,or yahoo, e-mail pages.

I want to make buttons like send mail or read mail or new mail which would open an area that would list the new mail ect.

I want to do this using php and javascript. The users should be able to send mail and get mail to any host. Like aol ect...

I also want to be able to make some php code which will add new users. So in my registeration I want to grab the user name and then make a new user in postfix and setup a mail account with postifix so that I don't have to manually add people.

I have heard you can use mysql-postfix which adds to postfix to use a mysql database as a user database ect.

I never got this working but would like to know what websites are good on tutorials about this.

I really want to do such a thing in a few weeks. I know about squirl mail and I know their are already freeware webmail interfaces.

The problem is I want the look to be custom. Like the colors and the designs.

I want the looks of the mail interface to blend in with the overall website.

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Re: creating a mail system in php...

Posted 18 October 2008 - 11:09 AM

Build a template/skin for one of those open source web mail packages. Do not try to rebuild it yourself. You do not reprogram Windows if you want a new desktop image?
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